Any habitual motorbike explorer will know perfectly well that suitcases are a vital issue for long journeys. Too much to transport our luggage on the side of the moped, but mostly expensive, lacking aesthetics and sometimes uncomfortable. It is with this in mind that Wolfman Luggage has developed a quite well-made briefcase system, exclusive for two-wheeled travel.

Side suitcases Wolfman Luggage

As we can see, they are made in waterproof sail, but the most remarkable thing is the custom of mooring with buckles and ribbons. This mechanism is as simple and practical as possible. Touch finished in “beasts” to mode the Triumph Tiger 800 Xc or the Bmw R 1200 Gs, although they can still be mounted without the lateral supports, that is, the bags alone. We can also install them in front of the tank. There are other models to carry mascostas that you can take dogs of small descent with any comfort. While you can even transport medium dogs, but that is already in convenience of such a dog and motorcycle.

The video that we present to you of the aforementioned Wolfman Luggage is in British language, but lets understand the movement lacked any problem, including the precautions that we take to install it correctly.

Side suitcases Wolfman Luggage

The base price of these useful boxes is about ninety dollars, which with the lateral supports can vary from two hundred fifteen to three hundred five dollars. Eye, these supports are even more practical than the apparent, then allow annexing a helper tank of up to 3.78 liters, which are simply removable.